EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

My quest for the perfect lash routine has finally paid off! I naturally don’t have long lustrous lashes, and lash extensions are just not my thing. After some research, I decided to try EyEnvy’s Conditioner Serum, which claims to improve length, fullness, the thickness of your lashes….

EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

I recently posted about the 3 Things I Learned After Getting Lash Extensions and realized that it wasn’t for me. Another thing that I wasn’t made aware of, is that once the lash extensions fall out, you’re left a shorter and stubbier version of your lashes. So pitiful and embarrassing! So I really needed to try this magic serum!

EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

See how pitiful they looked! EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

Not even mascara could help my lashes!

But EyEnvy came to the rescue. It took about 4 weeks before I was seeing the dramatic results! It actually works!

Here’s how it works

1. For the first 5 weeks, use it once a day in the morning. Apply it after washing your face and putting on eye-cream but before applying makeup. Apply a thin line of EyEnvy directly to the eyelid on the skin surface above the eyelashes in the direction from outside to the inside of the eyelid. One eyelash stroke is sufficient. Allow it to dry before applying your eye makeup. You can also use their mascara to help things along.

2. After about 5 weeks, I recommend continuing to use the serum, indefinite. Use it every other day. This is to maintain your lashes. So far the 2ml bottle has lasted me 6 months.

I didn’t experience any negative side effects. The only thing is that the first few weeks as my lashes were growing and filling in, my upper lid by my lashes slightly red and swollen, but that disappeared.

EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum Review

I’m not wearing mascara in this photo, and these are my actual lashes! EyEnvy saved my lashes!

Have you tried Eye Envy or another lash serum? What was it like for you? Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram (@stylishlytidylife)

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