Fall 2018 Organizational Desktop Wallpaper

Fall 2018 Organizational Desktop Wallpaper

It’s time for a desktop wallpaper update. To help make the rest of 2018 a success, let’s start by organizing your computer desktop! A cluttered desktop can be a source of stress and also makes it difficult to find anything. This desktop wallpaper has been designed to help clear desktop clutter while keeping it stylishly tidy. Keep all your folders and projects tidy and organized by using the boxes and designating them to projects, life or even inspiration.

I chose this quote as a gentle reminder that your energy is vital.

Use the desktop wallpaper with your laptop.

Use it with your desktop computer.

Designate an area for your latest project. Create a section for visual inspiration. Group all folders from one project, or that need to be filed away. Create a section where you can access all your daily files.

Download Organizational Desktop Wallpaper

I’ve also designed a 2018 calendar with inspirational quotes and the full & new moon cycles. Looking to plan out your life, check out the monthly planner and the weekly + daily planners I’ve designed. These are all free downloads.

Snap pic of how you organize your desktop. I’d love to see! Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram (@stylishlytidylife)

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